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wow, i'm so sorry i took so long to get to this! i didn't realize i hadn't actually closed the voting poll! please forgive me, contestants!

anyway, here are the much-delayed results for the "Starting Over Again" contest!

1st Place: Yesterday's Ashes by [ profile] yami_samuraiflo
2nd Place: Reflections by sammy_phoenix

both fics were fantastic and i hope everyone enjoyed them greatly! authors, if you will please email me with your preferred prize (either the LJ tokens or the Kreo kits) and a mailing address for any physical prizes, i will get them out to you ASAP. also, authors, if you will provide links to your preferred host once you have your fics uploaded, then i will update this post with links to your stories.

thanks for playing everyone! watch this space in August/September for the next round!
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at last, here is the deplorably late voting page for the April contest! please choose your favorite fic to take the first place prize! (one vote per person, please.)

voting will run for two weeks, ending on June 2, 2013.

[Poll #1914270]
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Title: Yesterday's Ashes
Rating: M
Universe: G1 AU
Pairings: Starscream/Perceptor, past Skyfire/Starscream and past Skyfire/Perceptor; implied others
Warnings: Slash, sticky, rape, mpreg, slavery, death, torture, trauma, miscarriages, sparklings, dystopia
Word Count: 13 592

fic hosted at my Dreamwidth journal for the duration of voting because it's too long for LJ
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Title: Reflections
Rating: G
Universe: More Than Meets the Eye
Pairing: Cyclonus/Tailgate
Word Count: 570

entry 1 )
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the April contest is closed. fics and voting will go up tomorrow, when your mo is not brain-dead from antihistamines.
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don't forget everyone! the Starting Over Again contest ends at 11:59 PM CST (-6 GMT) on May 2, 2013!
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hey guys! don't forget about the Starting Over Again contest! The deadline is May 2 at 11:59PM CST.
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Welcome back everyone! As promised, here is the April contest--though it is a few hours later than intended.

Your April Contest Prompt is:

Starting Over Again

The Rules:

1. Entries must be at least 500 words long, legible and spell checked.
2. Original Characters are OKAY!
3. Fics must include the header below for the contest. (author names will be kept secret until voting is over.)
4. Fics must be submitted to to be valid for the contest. They also Must Contain Your LJ Username. Please include a subject line that indicates a contest entry.

5. All fics are due at 11:59 PM CST on May 2, 2013.

Challenge Entry Header:
Word Count:

The Prize List
First Place: 1 Beast Hunters Dragon Assault Kre-o kit and one Kreon Microchanger or 1000 LJ Tokens
Second Place: 1 Beast Hunters Mech Venom Strike Kre-o kit or 500 LJ Tokens
Third Place: 1 Kreon Microchanger or 250 LJ Tokens

happy writing everyone!
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hello, everyone! I apologize for the long radio silence. every time I thought I could get this comm back up and running, another complication dragged me back down.

but, no more! our next contest will be in April! prizes will include Kreon Microchangers and Kreo kits! I just need your help with one tiny detail.

we need a theme. comment here with suggestions.

the party starts April 1st. (no foolin' this time!)


Nov. 25th, 2012 01:21 pm
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LJ is up to some tricks again, and has a bug going around where some people are being banned from communities randomly. this is not deliberate on the part of your mod team, and we are so sorry!

the banned list is being updated to correct this error on LJ's part and we are making sure that the only people banned from the communities are people who have been warned for misconduct and then told by a mod that they have been banned (either in the distant past or in the future). if you have not been notified by a mod that you have been banned and you are, then your ban is in error and we are taking care of that right now.

again, we apologize for this error and we are getting things fixed!
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due to my joblessness, this community was on an unexpected hiatus. that is about to change.

keep an eye out here, March 1, 2012.
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It's that Unconditional Fandom Love time of year again, and once again [ profile] tf_valentine is open for business.

Participation is easy and simple (i've left messages every year i've been active in the fandom.)

Please go to the tf_valentine LJ and comment!

Here's how it works:

1) Choose up to 10 people (or more, the mod says she doesn't really don't mind!) from your fandom. Write a sentence or two about how you feel about them. It could be as simple as "you always make me smile," or "I love your icons." Just something you would like to tell them.

2) Post your list to this entry. You have until midnight (UK time) February 13th to send them in. No exceptions. It can be done anonymously or not, no posters will be revealed and comments are screened.

3) On February 14, a list of all the people who received comments and the comments that they received will be posted without revealing who sent them. Hopefully, lots of you will wake up on Valentine's Day to all kinds of anonymous love!

Please make sure that that the LJ name is correctly noted!

i have to say that i've loved getting my valentines first thing in the morning on the 14th. they've always been inspiring and fun and made me feel good, and that's something we all need more of. so cruise over there and share the love with as few or as many people as you'd like.

PS: don't forget that the ficlet exchange is still running until Jan. 31st!
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okay, usually the Holiday Ficlet Exchange would be over by now. However! i was kind of a bum about making sure there were reminders that it was going on and so there aren't as many responses as there might have been if i'd been on the ball. (what we do have is wonderful, but...)

so! The Third Annual Holiday Exchange is going to run for one more month. (go here for the prompts) this means that in order to be considered for one of the winning spots, all your ficlets must be turned in by January 31, 2010 at 11:59 PM.
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1. Respond to this post with fanfic requests - you can make up to three requests (the comments shall be screened).
1a. Use the following format when posting requests:
Preferred Rating:
2. On November 26rd, I will put all of the requests in a single post. (NOTE: You can still make requests in this post after November 26rd, and I will simply add it to the new post).
3. To fill a request, simply write the ficlet and respond with it on the next post, indicating which request you are filling.
4. If your request is filled, please feel free to respond to the person who wrote your ficlet! There's no point in anonymity when the request is filled. =)
4. You can fill as many requests as you like!
5. No ficlet should be longer than 1,000 words.
6. I urge you to write at least one fic if you make requests, but of course I cannot force you. ;-)
7. This will end on January 2, 2011 to cover everyone's winter holidays and bring in the new year with style. :D


this year, the winner gets a copy of the DW edition graphic novel of Transformers: War Within Vol. 1. (should you already have it, something else can be worked out after the exchange is over)

second place will get a set of two home made pillow cases, crafted from Bayverse fabric. (should you want other fabric, i'm happy to make something else, but you'd have to buy it as there isn't any currently on the domestic market, much to my sadness.)

Here are the requests, and all are numbered. If you want to fill a request, just respond in the comments with the number in the subject. Remember, all the ficlets should be posted in the comments of this post.

More than one person can fill a request, because it's interesting to see how people take each one. ;)

Remember, try to keep it to 1,000 words. If you can't, it's okay - I'll be lenient. But just try. ;)

Like last year, you may also continue to make requests at the original request post until the exchange closes on January 1.

have fun, everyone! i look forward to seeing what you come up with!

the prompts )

last call!

Nov. 25th, 2010 07:53 pm
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only four hours left to cruise over to this post to submit your requests for the holiday exchange. the list will be up by 2AM my time to start work on. ^_^
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okay, guys! Holiday Exchange Prompts go up NEXT FRIDAY! this means that you have until midnight on Nov. 25th (thanksgiving day, for those of us in the USA) to get your prompts in! go to this post to submit a prompt or three.
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don't forget to head over to this post and submit your requests for this year's Holiday Ficlet Exchange.


Oct. 28th, 2010 04:21 pm
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don't forget to head over to this post and submit your requests for this year's Holiday Ficlet Exchange.


Oct. 18th, 2010 07:47 pm
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don't forget to head over to this post and submit your requests for this year's Holiday Ficlet Exchange.


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