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Thanks everyone for your wondeful fics for the Holiday Exchange. We had some great replies to some great prompts. I hope everyone had as much fun with it as i did.

Now that the exchange is officially over, i'm going to open up the remaining prompts on the list to anyone who wants to fill them throughout the rest of the year. I know i did several from 2008 over the course of 2009 and made some requesters extremely happy because of it. (your humble mod is one of these people, as none of her requests were filled this year. Just saying. ~_^) Should you complete a prompt from the list, go ahead and post it to the comm, with a note that it is an answer to a Holiday Exchange prompt. Anything that gets filled over the rest of the year will be removed from the list and not reposted next year. Then, i'll recycle the remaining 2009 prompts into the 2010 exchange.

Now, i know what you really want to see is the list of winners. Here are the standings:

[ profile] mpinsky--5 responses
[ profile] sister_dear--2 responses
[ profile] seikk--2 responses
[ profile] kinrazza--1 response
[ profile] __wilderness__--3 responses
[ profile] mmouse15--1 response
[ profile] heslestor--1 response

That makes the winners look like this:
First Place: [ profile] mpinsky
Second Place: [ profile] __wilderness__
Third Place: [ profile] sister_dear and [ profile] seikk

However! Due to my current lack of employment, prizes are going to have to be pulled from my vault of random, but enjoyable things. It's also going to be a bit of a surprise. ^_^ You could end up with a book, you could end up with a DVD, you could end up with a Voyager class TF figure. If you don't want the random surprise prize, let me know and i won't send it. Sadly, though, i won't be able to wrangle up the funds for any paid LJ time this year. sorry. Those of you who do want the surprize prizes, though, send me a note containing your address and i'll get those on the way as soon as i can. ^_^

Thanks again for participating, everyone! Have a blessed New Year!!
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Title: Sheer Dumb Luck
Rating: M
Universe: Movie
Pairing: Ratchet x Constructicons
Word Count: 28,295

And a few notes: set in 2007 movieverse, but featuring characters adapted from G1 canon.

Consider yourself warned for robot sex of the plug-and-play variety, multiple-partner scenes and themes, and what counts as homosexuality if you’re attached to the idea of Transformers as gendered beings.

Sheer Dumb Luck (1/3) )


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