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First Place - Where Has Forever Gone? by [ profile] kirin_saga
Second Place - The History of Cybertron by [ profile] rosieknight
Third Place - A Life Not Regretted by [ profile] dreams_of_all

An honorable mention goes to the runner up, Go Gentle into the Night by [ profile] azardarkstar

1. This Used To Be by [ profile] eerian_sadow
2. The History of Cybertron by [ profile] rosieknight
3. Go Gentle into the Night by [ profile] azardarkstar
4. Where Has Forever Gone? by [ profile] kirin_saga
5. A Life Not Regretted by [ profile] dreams_of_all
6. Famine by [ profile] ladyoneiros

Prizes will be dealt out on Wednesday! If you have a specific LJ you want me to gave paid time to, comment here! Otherwise, I will just give paid time to the LJ you submitted under! =D

[ profile] ladyoneiros - You get a gold star of win for "Famine". I was floored by this fic in particular, because it was unique and heart-wrenching, and a fantastic use of the prompt. Amazing, amazing job.

Join me in congratulating the winners, everyone! As well as the others, because there was not a fic on this list I would not recommend. All of them were excellent.

Thank you all!
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Title: This Used To Be
Rating: K
Universe: G-1
Characters: Prowl & Crossfire (OC)
Word Count: 1,853

This Used To Be )
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Title: The History of Cybertron
Rating: R for minor cursing and sex references.
Characters: Narrator (oc), Unicron, Primus
Pairings: Unicron/Primus, references to Prowl/Jazz and Megatron/Optimus
Universe: 2007 movie
Warnings: References to sex between (perceived as) male alien robots, a few curse words, and a scarred-for-life Narrator.
Words: 1,820 (All dialog)
Disclaimer: Not mine, other than the Narrator.
Summary: The history of Cybertron, with Unicron and Primus!
Author's Note: A quick guide to who's speaking - Narrator, Unicron, Primus.

The History of Cybertron )
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Title: Go Gentle into the Night
Rating: T
Universe: G-1
Pairing: Prowl x Jazz
Word Count: 969
Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. I should think that rather obvious with my college-induced poverty and all.
Warnings: Undoubtedly OOC, G1 continuity (if you turn your head and squint)

Go Gentle into the Night )
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Title: A Life Not Regretted
Rating: K, but allusions to sex. Further warnings for character death.
Universe: 2007 movie
Pairing: SamxMikaela, hints of SamxBeexMikaela. (Nothing obvious, though.)
Word Count: 3,499 EXACTLY

A Life Not Regretted )
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Title: Famine
Rating: R
Universe: 2007 movie, with elements taken from other ‘verses. Pre-movie.
Word Count: 3,500
Disclaimer: Transformers and all related characters therein do not belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Lives are made partly by circumstance, the rest by friends.

Famine )

Contest #2

May. 21st, 2008 07:36 am
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This is the prompt for the second contest, which will be posted on July 1st. The prompt word is...

Beginnings and Ends

For this challenge, I was to see the beginning of something, and the very ending of it. A relationship, an ideal, a life, anything you can think of that would show a cycle of creation to death. Use your imagination and I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Here are the following guidelines and rules...
  1. The fic must depict the creation of something, and the end of it.
  2. The fic must be 500 words at least, but should not exceed 3,500. I would like this challenge to show 'snapshots' of the beginning, the growth, the deterioration, and then the end.
  3. OCs are allowed in this challenge.
  4. All fanfics must be completed and submitted to me via e-mail ( by June 25th. The anonymous entries will be posted on July 1st.

Good luck! 

Also, remember, the current contest for Secret Rendezvous is due on May 25th!


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