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Title: The History of Cybertron
Rating: R for minor cursing and sex references.
Characters: Narrator (oc), Unicron, Primus
Pairings: Unicron/Primus, references to Prowl/Jazz and Megatron/Optimus
Universe: 2007 movie
Warnings: References to sex between (perceived as) male alien robots, a few curse words, and a scarred-for-life Narrator.
Words: 1,820 (All dialog)
Disclaimer: Not mine, other than the Narrator.
Summary: The history of Cybertron, with Unicron and Primus!
Author's Note: A quick guide to who's speaking - Narrator, Unicron, Primus.

The History of Cybertron )
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Title: A Life Not Regretted
Rating: K, but allusions to sex. Further warnings for character death.
Universe: 2007 movie
Pairing: SamxMikaela, hints of SamxBeexMikaela. (Nothing obvious, though.)
Word Count: 3,499 EXACTLY

A Life Not Regretted )
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Title: Famine
Rating: R
Universe: 2007 movie, with elements taken from other ‘verses. Pre-movie.
Word Count: 3,500
Disclaimer: Transformers and all related characters therein do not belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Lives are made partly by circumstance, the rest by friends.

Famine )
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Title: Sheer Dumb Luck
Rating: M
Universe: Movie
Pairing: Ratchet x Constructicons
Word Count: 28,295

And a few notes: set in 2007 movieverse, but featuring characters adapted from G1 canon.

Consider yourself warned for robot sex of the plug-and-play variety, multiple-partner scenes and themes, and what counts as homosexuality if you’re attached to the idea of Transformers as gendered beings.

Sheer Dumb Luck (1/3) )


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